Oriental Teahouse

Oriental Teahouse is an authentic Chinese teahouse re-imagined for modern times. Inspired by the bustling teahouses that dot Nanjing Road, one of Shanghai’s busiest streets, Oriental Teahouse is designed to be at the heart of social gatherings of all kinds. 


Dumplings for Dating is a much-loved board game feasting experience back, but not as you know it. Bringing new questions and dares to the experience as players spiral into the game in pursuit of their ‘Happily Ever After”. The experience is $82pp and includes drinks and over eight dishes to share — bookings are essential.

If you’re looking for a boozy rendezvous to spice things up on date night, Dumplings for Dating invites couples to get personal with fun, flirty and somewhat revealing questions while feasting through a Teahouse selection of menu favourites. The perfect destination for first or second dates alike, the menu also caters to vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dietaries.

The game can be played between two to four people, with each person picking up a game piece and the table rolling a dice via a QR code on the menu. The game consists of four stages: ‘Break the ice’, ‘Foreplay’, ‘Deep and Meaningful’, then topped off with a ‘Happily ever after” for the dessert round. Food and drinks are brought out periodically and no question is off limits covering anything from hidden talents, embarrassing confessions to buying your date your favourite drink.

 Make your booking for post-lockdown.