Buena Onda & Co

Buena Onda & Co. bring to Melbourne the unique flavours of Latin America in the most delicious and enticing way. Creators of their own range of Latin American sweet treats and desserts, their dessert range developed from traditional recipes with an added contemporary spin.

Handcrafted in Melbourne using premium ingredients, Buena Onda & Co. are best known as the creators of the ‘Alfie’ – a Melburnian foodie’s interpretation of the Argentinian favourite, the alfajor. Buena Onda & Co. live by the Latin American ethos of warm hospitality, friendliness and as our name translates, ‘Good Vibes’.

Keep an eye out for weekly dessert special with FREE DELIVERY EVERY SATURDAY (select areas apply) plus, handcrafted ‘Aflies’, celebration cakes and gourmet gift boxes.

Delivery zones: MELBOURNE METRO 3000,3002,3003,3004,3005,3006,3008,3010,3011,3012,3013,3015,3016,3019,3025,3031,3032,3039,3040,3041,3044,3050,3051,3052,3053,3054,3055,3056,3057,3058,3060,3065,3066,3067,3068,3070,3071,3072,3078,3079,3081,3101,3102,3103,3104,3121,3122,3123,3124,3126,3141,3142,3143,3144,3145,3146,3161,3162,3181,3182,3183,3184,3185,3188,3205,3206,3207

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