If you hate swearing, pardon my French, if you don’t…then we’ll get along like a house on fire.

I’d like to make it clear…first and foremost, I am not a f*cking blogger, not a critic and by no means any “expert” of sorts. Please see: no wank factor.

“So who the eff is Mia?” I can hear you say…honestly, I’m a girl in love with Melbourne sharing my escapades around town, keeping my ear low to the ground so that you don’t have to.

Eat, drink, play and party – I like to be in the know and can suggest all the places to go. Whether you’re a fitness junkie, lover of games, the kid dropping in low in the club, the HSP connoisseur or fancy schmancy degustation-er, festival goer, cocktail barhopper or appreciative of creative arts…I’m all of the above because why just do one thing.

Life’s too short to be spent reading About Me pages, so why don’t you choose your own adventure, just ask yourself…What Would Mia Do?